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My Life in Investment Bank

At 08:50, it is another busy morning in Beijing CBD. The clean ladies have just finished their work while the white collars are pouring into the building. This is just the beginning. We pay our attention to professionals in investment … Continue reading

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Deutsche Bank Interview Questions Database

What do you know about banking industry?  Why do you apply for investment banking division instead of the others? Have you seen our website? Which services are offered in our division? How can a bank make profit? What kind of … Continue reading

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The Deutsche Bank Recruiting Process

Deutsche Bank’s recruiting process is designed to identify and hire the very best people available in the fairest manner possible. If you want to work for them, and you have the right capabilities and experience, get prepared now for 2013. … Continue reading

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From Analyst Monkey to King of the Jungle MD: The Food Chain of Investment Banking

¨A bank is exactly like a frat house.¨ Just like a fraternity, there’s hazing, a hierarchy, and certain rituals you must go through to advance. This article will indicate that how much you get paid at each level, how the … Continue reading

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Don’t Leave Before You Leave — FaceBook COO Sandburg, Women, Work, Will to Lead

All proactive female professionals usually face the dilemma of balancing work and personal life. However, Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, reveals that the so-called dilemma of female professionals could be a pseudo-proposition, so that the gender could be an excuse … Continue reading

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Pre-weekend Cafe: Are We Happy? — Harvard Popular Course ¨Positive Psychology¨

Surprisingly, last year the most popular elective course in Harvard University was ¨Positive Psychology¨, surpassing ¨The Introduction of Economic¨, the previous winner in all the years before. During the two classes every week, Ben-Shahar has never filled the students with … Continue reading

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A Factor for Your Next Job: Organizational Democracy?

Are you as disenchanted with your employer as you are with the economy? Tired of working for top-heavy companies with antiquated management principles and an inability to anticipate and respond to a crisis? Consider searching for a job with an … Continue reading

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