The Deutsche Bank Recruiting Process

Deutsche Bank’s recruiting process is designed to identify and hire the very best people available in the fairest manner possible. If you want to work for them, and you have the right capabilities and experience, get prepared now for 2013.

Although the precise timeline, number of steps, and evaluation process varies somewhat across our global organization and many divisions, the common elements for most positions at Deutsche Bank include:

  • Step one: the online application
  • Step two: in-person interview(s)
  • Step three: job offer


1. The Online Application

The first step in Deutsche Bank´s recruiting process is the online application form (available through our website at All applicants to Deutsche Bank must complete the form. When you complete the form, you will be asked to indicate your job and regional preferences. You will also be asked to share information about your background and relevant experiences. This is your opportunity to make the case for why you would be an outstanding employee for Deutsche Bank.

The bank recruiters review every online application that we receive. After that the recruiters will contact you to let you know whether you’ve been selected to proceed to step two of the interview process.

2. The Interview Process
If you successfully pass the initial evaluation based upon your online application, you will be invited to interview with a member of the recruiting team.

Depending on your geographical location and university, the interview will be conducted on campus, in an arranged location (for example, a hotel), or in a Deutsche Bank office. Deutsche Bank targets and recruits for region-specific jobs at a number of key schools in a variety of regions around the world.

The interview process typically consists of one to three rounds of interviews, and can also include quantitative tests, language tests, and case studies. However, the specifics of the process vary depending on the region and the position. For instance, the process for undergraduate candidates for full-time Global Markets Analyst positions in Australia consists of three rounds of interviews and a series of aptitude tests, while the process for full-time Global Corporate Finance Associate positions in the U.K. consists of two face-to-face interviews followed by a series of final-round interviews in London.

3. Decision Processes

The recruiters will contact you after each stage of the process to let you know our decision. If you have not selected to move forward, the contact will be via e-mail. If you are selected to move forward to the next step, they will typically call you. The recruiters call all candidates who reach the final round of interviews to let them know whether they will be receiving a job offer.

The CV of not selected candidates will be left open until all potential opportunities  in order to ensure everyone has maximum opportunity for selection.

It is also possible that a recruiter may pass the application to another division if it appears that you would better fit a different position in Deutsche Bank.

If all programs for that region/division are filled, you will receive an email notification that your application has been closed.

4. When to Apply

The application timetable varies by region and by position.

5. Getting Started

  • What you need to know, where do you begin and how do you focus your job search?

Firstly you’ll want to do a little research on the industry and think about whether a career in an investment bank is right for you.. Take a look at the “how to prepare” article in this section for some research tips. For certain, you shouldn’t go into banking just for the money, the lifestyle is to demanding. To do well and excel in this world, you will need to really enjoy the work itself as well as the rewards.

You begin your job search, and, from what you’ve heard so far, you want to give investment banking a shot. But there’s one small problem: You’re not exactly sure what an investment bank does, so convincing the recruiter you’re perfect for the job is gong to be a challenge.

Investment Banking isn’t one specific service or function. It’s an umbrella term for a range of activities. At Deutsche Bank these activities are grouped into divisions and each division has opportunities for graduates. Research these areas thoroughly before making your decision.

To do this firstly you need to talk to people working in investment banks. You can do this by attending presentations and other events. A listing of the global Deutsche Bank presentations can be found in ‘Events’. When you go to presentations make sure you talk to the business representatives, ask them questions and make an impression.

At university, the best sources of information are people who have spent a summer internship at an investment bank. Your alumni network should also be useful. Read lots of career guides and profiles in the ‘Meet our People’ section is an excellent source of information.

Competition is fierce and you’ll need to be resourceful and persistent. Doing a summer internship in an investment bank is the best possible way of finding the right fit for you, as well as being that all important foot in the door.

And once you’ve have talked to all the people you can and read as much information as possible you’re ready to prepare for the online application.




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