Deutsche Bank Interview Questions Database


  1. What do you know about banking industry?
  2.  Why do you apply for investment banking division instead of the others?
  3. Have you seen our website? Which services are offered in our division?
  4. How can a bank make profit?
  5. What kind of products banks offer?
  6. What did you do in the internship with XXX company?
  7. Compare the capital cost of borrowing from banks with injecting capital from parent firm?
  8. Are you comfortable with long working hours?
  9. Have you ever been a leader? What did you do during your leader ship?
  10. What is EBITDA?
  11. Why are you interested with Finance?
  12. If you had difficulties with other team members, what would you do?
  13. Do you have any experiece that i very busy and tiring?
  14. Have you ever felt frustrated with something?
  15. Have you ever got a leader expperience?
  16. If I am your client and I give you 1 million dollar to invest, what will you do? Which industry will you invest in?
  17. How will you introduce our product to the clients?
  18. A bond: book value is $100, 10 years, coupon rate is 3%, real rate is 4%, what is the real value?
  19. What do you think about communication?
  20. What do you see yourself in 5years time?
  21. Strength and weakness
  22. How to calculate free cash flow?
  23. Some question about capital structure and tax shield and tax rate
  24. Question about CAPM ,which one should be chosen as free risk rate
  25. How to do financial statement forecast
  26. How to forecast sales
  27. Which offers have you got yet? If you have to choose between Db and XXX bank, what will you choose? Why?
  28. Why should i hire you
  29. What’s the thing that you don’t like DB most

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