Barclays Interview-Skill Workshop

The article is a summary from HR of Barclays in the interview skill workshop.


What your interview need to highlight?

1. Motivation

  • Why industry/company/division?
  • What can you confirm on your career decisions?

2. Competencies/ Competency Based Interview

(1) STAR(accomplish, what you learnt)

(2) Competency questions advice:

  • Think about scenarios in advance
  • Do not over-prepare
  • Concise, do not ramble
  • Acceptable to ask for a minute to think

The competency is based on different division, for example, the competency of IT is teamwork, commercial sense, IT skills, etc. The question for example, could be ¨how can you develop a software that you had no experience before within one week?¨

3. Display Commercial Awareness

It is required candidates to follow up news in finance industry through media like Ft, etc. And participant frequently in business lecture is very important too. At least you have to know:

  • What is happening
  • How organization is structure
  • An approbated level of industry awareness

eg. The 2010 BP US oil leak-Curtailment of deep well drilling

  • Price of oil
  • Energy Cost
  • Industry development
  • Data/financial reports

4. Do´s & Dont´s

  • Do’s:

-prepare for questions to ask
-first impression (mobile off, firm handshake, punctual etc.)
-know your CV

  • Dont’s

-desperate for employment
-discuss salary or benefits
-talk too much, not cut the interviewer’s talk
-speak negatively about former employers or colleagues
-answer questions with a simple yes or no

Edited by Simeng Zhang

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