How can I pass First Round Interview of Deloitte?

The article is based on a rencent interview with Mia Wang, a graduate student from University of Melbourne. She has participanted in the graduate program of Deloitte of 2012.


  • Online Application

I got the information of Deloitte Graduate Program from my university. During the online process, besides an outstanding CV and cover letter I paid more attention to the following parts; email address, ¨behavior¨ questions, and online test.

1. Email address

An appropriate email address should be looked as, which gives the HR a professional impression at the first place.

2. ¨Behavior¨ Questions (More details please check How to Nail the Interview of Big Four and Investment Banks – Part 1)

One of the typical questions I have seen is ¨what is your goal in the next 3 years¨, required 100 words. Given my experience, the answer should be neat and clear. In this case the required length is 100 words but I think it should be no more than 80.

    What is your goal in the next 3 years?

    ¨My goal is to become a qualified public or charted accountant equipped with in-depth knowledge about the profession and the needs of clients in 3 years’ time. It is because by becoming a qualified accountant not only shows my eagerness and ambition to excel further in my accounting career, but my accounting skills will also be polished as well as gaining the required professional experience to go further. (Word count: 68)¨

3.Online Test

The test is made of 4 parts.

  • Verbal: fast reading of articles with more than 5 lines, answer ¨true, Don´t know, False¨, and the content is widely covered, from anthropology to finance.
  • Numerical: for example, you could see a chart with various kinds of information and then you need to calculate very quickly to get the answer.
  • Induction: you will see 4 pictures, find out the logic of changing behind, and then choose what the l 5th picture will look like
  • Personality: the question would be ¨you will help other colleagues even when you know it means it will stay late for work, a: strongly agree, b: agree, c: neutral, d. disagree, e: strongly disagree¨. To be mentioned, Big Four value a lot ¨being a team player¨, so that I tried my best to strongly agree the options related to teamwork ability.
  • 1-hour greeting

I was invited to the DTT head quarter office with another 100 students. Around us there were some people from various departments in DDT. After a warm-welcome speech of HR manager, you could have around one hour to talk with people from the division you are interested.

Just for your information, this could be a part of interview, and therefore, try to impress.

For example, I am interested in people from audit and financial service and you could easily find them through the name card on the suit or through HR. Remember, our purpose is to impress, so it would be wiser to join a conversation with only 2-3 people. I normally start with ¨would you mind if I join in?¨, which show the politeness and catch the attention to the DTT people. After a firm handshake, I begin to introduce myself; where I am from; which university and major I have studied in. And then I could ask the questions I prepared before, like ¨what are your hours like¨, ¨how long have you been with DTT¨, ¨what is the most challenge part of his work¨. Just one thing, no questions related to personal life and payment should be asked in that situation.

  • Group Activity

This is the most important part of the whole interview. Candidates will be organized as a group of 6. Besides, there are 2 group leaders from HR and a specific division will supervise in each group.

In my case there were around 10 groups participating at the same time, which makes barely can breathe easily under such a pressure.

When I came to my table, everyone started to introduce himself / herself, but the leader was really nice. He occasionally asked me some questions like ¨what kind of sport do you like?¨ in order to help me relax a bit.

The reading material I got was really long with 40 pages in all while you have only 15 minutes to finish. The content was about environmental protection and carbon emission, which aimed at developing a campaign for DTT charitable fund.

It is understandable you cannot follow up every detail in the reading but at least, I tried my best to focus on the following points; what is the objective, which could be potential solutions, what is the budget, the match between each potential solution and our objective, supported data, and questions you would like to ask.

And then it came to the 15-minute free discussion inside the group. I have taken some training in my school about the group interview. So generally during this time, the HR would evaluate the following aspects of candidates; ability of expression, analysis, conclusion, leadership, teamwork, time management, etc.

When the discussion started, we all had no clue and the first two candidates were so nervous that they just made a summary of the situation. I was nervous but I tried to remind all the team players our objective, potential solutions, my opinions to strength and weakness of each solutions, supported data with logic reasons and something we should pay attention to. I felt more relieved when seeing the group leader nodded his head. Also, when the time almost ran out, I kindly reminded the group about the time we still had and suggested that we make the conclusion of our discussion. Again the group leader was nodding with a gentle smile.

After this, the leader suddenly brought us a pile of papers and asked us to draw for our campaign. Mine finally came up with the campaign with Marathon. I put the effort to explain the wide  influence of Marathon, the reasonable budget if we could use television to broadcast, and the highly match of marathon and our objective because marathon is the spirit of perseverance, which could express our pride to make effort to encourage environmental protection.

After the draw, the leader gave everyone a paper for writing a professional memo to the board of DTT. The purpose I supposed was to test the written expression. Time: 20 min, Words: 200.

  • Face to Face Interview

It was almost the ending of the whole first round.

I got three classic questions:

1. How do you think you went in the group activity?

I was frankly telling the HR I had done great although I was really nervous. But I felt really good because my outstanding performance in the marathon part. However, if I have more time to prepare I could have done better. I would really have appreciated if I could get more familiar with the topic and have more discussion with other group members. (The HR was smiling and very encourage, which made me more confident and made me like DTT more.)

2. What do you think you did the best? And which part you found you could get it improved?

The HR was laughing right after asking this question because I had already answered in the previous question and she explained that was a formality that they had to follow. I felt more relaxed for her humor and I explained again all the points with more details.

3. Do you have any questions for us?

I have already prepared some questions ahead, like ¨what is the process like from here on?¨ and ¨which signal do you like the best out of the 7 DTT signals¨. I would suggest in this question, it would be better to show your gratitude to the interview opportunity, the desire for working in DTT, and the preference of DTT culture.

At the end of interview, I kept smiling while shaking hands with HR and asked for a business card from the HR. Normally the selected candidate for the second-round would receive a call from DTT in a very short time. I got their call and email confirm right in the evening after the first-round.

(For more details about how to prepare this question, please check Do you have any questions for me? Part 1.  & Do you have any questions for me? Part 2 )


Edited by Simeng Zhang


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