2013 World Environment Day

The 2013 theme for World Environment Day is Think.Eat.Save — Reduce Your Footprint. http://www.unep.org/wed/


  • The resource on our earth is not unlimited; therefore, let´s cut our uncontrolled consumption and avoid huge wastage.
  • It is obligated for everyone to classify the trash according to their composition, which can help recycle more than 2/3 of the trash.
  • If every citizen in the world can practice trash classification, it would reduce the contamination and almost 30% CO2 emission.
  • The disposal of medical wastes can not only damage our environment, but also become a source of resistant bacteria that make treatment, like antibiotics, inefficient.
  • All the medical wastes should always be disposed in the SIGRE points of the pharmacies.
  • The forests and seas provide us with important resources and O2 that we need to live.  Therefore, we shall not leave any trash in these areas in case of their contamination.

Edited by Simeng Zhang

The GrowinFinance.com Team

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