Do You Understand the Hint in a High-end Interview?

In the interview of any senior position, professional interviewers will quietly ¨spying¨ with the information they need and whether the answer has hit the point, you could normally see nothing but a gentle smile in interviewers´ faces. However, no matter how sophisticated the HR is, there are still 3 main hints you could take in order to quickly adjust your answer during a high-end interview.

ImageHint 1: Time Length

If your interview lasted no longer than 15 minutes, it would be an alarm to improve your interview performance. Professional HR would still talk with an unsatisfied candidate around 10 minutes for showing respect and politeness.  If the professional conversation could exceed more than 15 minutes, it would indicate that you had made a good impression to the HR.

Hint 2: Questions non-related to the profession

If you were asked some questions about your personality or some other life-related questions besides working experience, then CONGRATULATIONS, because the HR has already believed your professional qualification to the position based on your good  interview performance before. Therefore, they start to evaluate the match between your personal value and the corporate value.

The higher position you applied for, the more culture would be valued by the company.  But there is not a right answer. For example, about the question, what is your current working style? The answer is not ¨positive or negative¨, however, the HR would evaluate the candidate based on the current corporate strategy. If the company has an aggressive business plan and is actively expanding, it is necessary to consider whether to hire a candidate pursuing a comfortable life because the work pressure could be overwhelmed for him / her. Similarily, if the company adopted a careful strategy, an ambitious candidate who prefer fundamentally breakthrough would not be considered either.

Hint 3: Questions for the Interviewers

After all the questions above for a long time, if the interviewer starts to ask you ¨Do you have a question for me¨, this means two things: first, it is almost the ending of the interview; second, you have made a good impression before. If you heard this question after all above, it would be a really good signal because the interviewer would like to take time to clear your doubts and transmit corporate information to you.

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Edit by Simeng Zhang

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