Singapore is hiring again

Asia seems to be a versatile destination in the past year or so, as we have told you. It seemed to be losing its charm in early 2012, but might actually be back as a desirable destination as we have reached the end of the first quarter of 2013.


The main reason for that seems to be the rising need of local and regional corporate coverage, top international and local bank officials would say. Some of the leaders calculate over 30% more hires in 2013 compared to the same period in early 2012. However, some part of this increased demand might be attributed to a growing turn-over rate and the increasing confidence of finance and banking experts that there might just be a better opportunity waiting around the corner. With banks needy to find new clients, some of the most sought after professionals are those working in the sales and commercial departments. Thus, not only candidates are competing for positions. Banks are set out to get the best talent for their money, making loans and cash management departments in corporate banking hungry for knowledgeable personnel.

What is becoming increasingly important is the dedication an employee is willing to give a company. HRs have noticed a tendency of staff leaving after dispersing their bonuses. Thus, hiring procedures have become much stricter and approval of much more people is required before anyone is given a permanent contract. Although this would affect all professionals in the field, those most affected might be the non-revenue generating roles and the recent graduates who might need to enter in work agreements much less flexible than before.

Good news is that international banks seem to be more or less done with their compulsory layoffs and it is a matter of time before more jobs open for different professionals including front-office investment bankers looking to relocate in Asia.

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