Are you doing right on the phone?

Nowadays most business still starts with a phone call. You are initial impression of the company and, thus, the etiquette on phone is very important because the listener may interpret your body language by the tone of voice and the speaking skill.


1. The first greeting, the most important

Keep in mind, YOU SPEAK FOR THE COMPANY, and, therefore, an appropriate greeting could build up a professional company impression. The similar greeting ¨Good morning, this is XXX company. What can I help you¨ with a clear and bright voice can generate a happy atmosphere and smooth the conversation.


2. Talk with a joyful mood

Keep a good mood when talking through telephone. A joyful tone could have unexpected influence to the listener. Also, because the facial expressions affect the voice, it is very helpful to image the listener is watching you.

3. Upright position with a clear bright voice

The listener could ¨hear¨ your status during the phone conversation. If you are laying back in the chair, the listener could feel your lazy through the voice. This is why you could see most professionals would stand up or at least sit upright when receiving a call.

4. Pick up the phone in time

Due to now we have more than one working telephones or mobiles, it is very important to pick up the phone as soon as possible. The pause between every ring is normally 3 seconds, and therefore, it is appropriate to pick up the phone within 3 rings. Otherwise, he listener would turn anxious and angry in a long waiting on the phone, which would damage your corporate image.  So if after 5 rings the phone is picked up, firstly you have to give a sincere apology to the listener, instead of a simply ¨hello / good morning¨

5. Take notes carefully

Use 5W1H to take notes and make sure it is clear and complete based on a well understanding of the conversation: When, Where, What, Why, How.

6. Be polite before hanging up

It would be more polite to let the other side to end the conversation, and end up with a sincere ¨thank you¨ and ¨goodbye¨. Then gently hang up the phone.

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