How much is application enough?

With the job market as it is, we often find ourselves in the situation where we do not seem to be getting any response from the employer. This might discourage many candidates from applying, especially if after sending tens and sometimes hundreds of applications.


If you are seriously looking for the right job sending out CVs to as many companies as you can possibly come up with certainly would not do the trick. You should take a much more professional approach to yield good results.

Make sure you make a short list of companies that you are interested in. Spend time researching their business, sector, needs and recent activity. Get in touch with current employees through social networks and networking events. Then, send your CV directly to the one in charge. Remember that only half of the job offers come out on the open market. The rest usually filled up by proactive candidates and in company promotions.

Further, make sure you stay on top of the job market and identify potential job openings and headhunters in your sector. Craft your CV carefully to respond to the needs of the position and send it for review. It is only natural that the first try doesn’t do it but do not lose hope.

Even if it takes longer than you might like, this targeted job search will build your network of contacts at key positions in companies you would like to work in. This is invaluable both during your job search and afterwards, especially if you decide to change jobs.

While we, from, would like to encourage you to keep trying, keep in mind that the economic situation is no joke. If after sending out 100 CVs you still have not been invited to an interview possibly you need to change your strategy, the structure of your CV or your target companies. There are job positions in finance and banking which are just not available at this point, while others are welcoming newcomers.

Remember that high-reputation institutions value employees who know them well and hold the same values. Make sure your CV and cover letter reflect that and demonstrate your profound knowledge of the company´s core peculiarities

Further, always try to deduct, to the best of your abilities, what skills would a position you would like to fill in the company require. Then tailor your CV to demonstrate you possess these skills and would be of true value to the team.

Following this advice will certainly increase your chances of getting at least a phone interview. Make sure you are prepared to take the challenge and never be unprepared for what might be that one interview.

The Team

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