Do you have any questions for me? — Questions Make You Go to the ¨Next Round¨

Once we have gone over the questions you do not want to ask during your interview for a new job, here are a few suggestions on questions which might work well and put you on the “Next Round” list.


1. Could you explain the corporate culture to me? With some examples of how the company upholds it? – As you are expected to have done some research on the company’s culture beforehand, such a question might be beneficial both for you to show off your knowledge and interest in the firm as well as to gather more information which might be useful to you when the time comes to decide whether or not you would accept the offer.

2. What do you most like about your job and about this company? – Even if you are talking to the HR (and not someone who would be working in your department), this is a great chance to warm up your interviewer while you get to know more about the company and the day-to-day activities. A motivating answer from the interviewer might reaffirm your decision to work for this company and thus, reinforce your efforts.

3. I am a team player and I like to brainstorm with co-workers to reach common goals. Could you give me examples of collaborations within your company? – You are once again highlighting your qualities along with fishing for more in-depth knowledge about the company and its culture. If team work is really important to you, the answer to this question might make or break the deal.

4. What would be some of my short-term and middle-term goals if I were to join the company? – This is a question that demonstrates not only interest in the job but also desire to give your best from day one and also your being down to earth and cristal clear on what corporate life is all about. You could expect that the interviewer gives you further insight of what he or she is looking for to make the final decision and perhaps you can use this information to reinforce your value in the follow-up thank you letter.

The Team

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