Top Hedge Funds Cities Guide: Asia

Japan & China (More information for Hedge Funds Cities in Europe & Hedge Funds Cities in USA)



Tokyo is today one of the three centers of banking and finance, with 8 million citizens plus another 2.5 million commuters. It is a vivacious modern city which offers grand opportunities for finance experts in any field. It is however, also the most expensive city for ex-patriots, which is something junior professionals should definitely consider. It might be worth it, though, as it is estimated that this mega polis counts for an average daily turnover of over $70 billion worth of assets. It is also home to many international institutions and hedge funds such as Sparx Group, RBC Capital Markets and Gartmore.


Hong Kong has been under British holding until very recently, subjecting it to strong international influences and making it one of Asia’s most important financial centers. It is one of the most densely populated cities in the world but heavy investment has been done to make it one of the greenest cities with over 40% of its territory covered with parks. As it gets closer to its neighbours after 1997, Hong Kong’s economy is growing fast and so are the hedge funds which set up their headquarters there. Check out Temasek Holdings, KE Absolute, Value Partners, Ortus Capital Management and Blue Pool Capital, among others.

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