Internship Goals

The importance of on-the-job training or internships as a highly effective means of developing competent job skills has long been recognized. Many employers feel that young graduates lack the practical experience at a workplace, making candidates with internship history much more desirable.

Intern Goals

The biggest benefit from passing through an internship program is that young professionals have the opportunity to see first hand what it is that the employers are looking for, giving value to and insisting on when hiring a permanent employee. Not only do interns learn the specifics of a particular position within a company but they also obtain a realistic understanding of a workplace, develop appropriate work habits, and establish training and employment records. They are also setting foot within the organization where they are training which would put them in a internal pool of potential employees with proven occupational competencies.

An internship is a true opportunity to learn both the skills and the habits of a successful professional.

Here are some of the values that an internship would help build:

Strong work ethic is indispensable for the employer. Often in interviews, recruiters ask for a controversial situation where the candidate has demonstrated personal morale and ethics. Respecting deadlines, clients and colleagues even in difficult situations are only a few of the qualities that one can learn on the job.
Responsibility and Dependability – although not 100%, interns are given responsibilities which are vital for the success of a real-life team project. Having a mentor who would help build these qualities in the beginning of a career path is crucial.
Being positive and having initiative and motivation – not having to hold the hand of a new employee saves time, efforts and resources of managers making this skill a must. A positive attitude ensures a pleasant working environment where projects are completed in time and with a smile.
Adaptability – being an intern would sometimes mean that there is diversity in the responsibilities that one would have to assume. This trait, especially in today’s transforming job market, could make the difference between success and failure. Being open and flexible means that the employee would be more efficient and creative in completing tasks
Honesty, Integrity and Loyalty– both in personal and professional life needs both to be able to relate and co-exist with others. It is vital for employers to be able to put their trust in an individual regardless of the time they have spent in the organization. Demonstration of high honesty and integrity standard in previous occupations helps make the choice of whom to hire.
Motivated to Grow and Learn – employers seek people who are actively looking to develop their skills and increase their competencies. Learning new skills brings added value to the company which would not remain unrewarded. Keeping up with the changes in the field would increase job security.
Self Confidence – facing a new environment can be intimidating for many. An intern would face new authority figures daily. This experience teaches not to be afraid to ask questions, clarify uncertainties and learn new skills. Self-confident people do not need to prove themselves constantly, are likely to be more autonomic, make decisions and take responsibility for the results.
Professional behavior – respecting dress code, working hours and hierarchy are mandatory. Professionals finalize projects in time and do not let work pile up. They are detail oriented and insist on high quality. Professionals are enthusiastic and optimistic about the organization in the future making the work environment much more pleasant.

The Team

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