How to get hired in a hedge fund

Although demand is high, requirements remain challenging and candidates – numerous.

In our last article at, Hiring in the Hedge Fund industry, we discussed the increased search of young and experienced professionals in the sector. Although demand is high, requirements remain challenging and candidates – numerous. The selection process is tough, tough, tough. Thus, to ensure an interview for a job in a hedge fund, you would have to present a unique, professional and sector tailored resume. By no means do we insist that this is the ultimate and all-inclusive answer. Nevertheless, there are certain effective techniques which might help your CV stay longer in the hands of the recruiter.First and foremost, make sure you are aware of what Hedge funds are and the level of stress, commitment and workload associated with them. You need to show self-discipline, networking stamina, knowledge of the industry, passion and, ultimately, be persistent and with constant actions. Make sure you know the industry and make it a habit to read and study the leaders of the day, the deals that succeeded, the ones that failed, who the influencers are and what different companies are doing. Get into networking and identify people you would like to learn from. It takes time and commitment to develop a relationship but, as getting hired in the industry usually involves some sort of “unofficial channels” you would want to put yourself in the right spot with decision-makers. You need to know what you want – there are a wide variety of positions.

Following the standard CV structure, we have written about in our CV Writing Tips, you should focus on your career experience section where you would give details about tasks, responsibilities and achievements.
1. Keep in mind the short time that a recruiter would spend scanning your CV. Make sure that you are clear and concise in describing your responsibilities.

2. Show competitiveness throughout your description. Hedge funds are an intensively competitive environment, and managers in such institutions are known to look for people with a taste for competition. Demonstrate that you ranked first of many throughout your resume.

3. Make sure you quantify your achievements. Hedge fund managers would be looking at the numbers as they are what matters to the bottom line and they are easier to read. Show how your involvement in a project has generated positive change at your last employer and how your achievements compare to similar changes in other departments or institutions.

4. Following this comes what would be considered the most important part of your hedge fund tailored CV. After your Experience section, start a section for a list of recent impressive and successful investments/situations that you have been involved in. This section would give the HR an insight on your interest, motivation and analytical skills to make the best of it. Stress on the research you did, the actions you proposed and the results you achieved. This statement would be particularly powerful if the position you are applying for is in the same field as you would already poses valuable knowledge.

5. The Education section is also key. Take advantage of it to also demonstrate your high ranking among classmates. Include impressive comparison on GPAs, class/major standing, SAT results, etc. Include extracurricular activities, to demonstrate that you are a team player, a good communicator and competitive in nature.
In essence getting job in a hedge fund is unique but in one sense the same as searching for a job anywhere. You would need to research the company and prove that you belong there. Demonstrate knowledge, achievements and personal traits that will leave no place in the recruiters’ mind that it is you they have been looking for all along.

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